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Benefits from Blogs

December 15, 2010

Before this class I had never participated in an online blog, and the only blogger that I was aware of was Perez Hilton. I decided to conclude my blog posts for the semester with an article outlining the benefits of blogging. At first I was not to thrilled about the online participation of this course because besides my facebook and entertainment news addictions I really dislike using the internet. It may have taken me awhile to get going and some may even say that I waited till the last-minute, but this post is more than just a way to achieve the required amount of posts. I searched this article in order to encourage my classmates to continuing using blogs.

As the author mentions, “a college degree alone isn’t going to get it done anymore.” Throughout class this semester and especially on this blog we discussed various ways to stand out and market ourself for the career world, newsflash blogging is a way!!! While the writing that works blog may have caused some personal distress over the semester I am glad that I have been introduced to the world of blogging and I hope to remain part of this world.

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  1. December 15, 2010 3:23 pm

    Great final post, Jillian. And, as the writer of this article points out, it’s useful to think of a blog not so much in terms of your international impact as a writer — there’s a lot of competition, and it’s going to be hard to cut through the clutter — than as a chance to build a network of others who share your interests and appreciate your insights and as a chance to build something to which you’ll be able to point potential employers as evidence of your writing and technical skills and your real interest in a professional subject.

    You are all now members of WordPress, and it’s very easy to start up your own blog now on any topic you’d like. Simply log in to WordPress, then under the My Blogs pull down menu click on “Register a New Blog.” You’ll get to name it, then set up how you want it to look and work. There are other sites beyond WordPress that host blogs, Blogger being the other big one.

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