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Procrastination – Just Do It

December 15, 2010

As I sit here, typing my last blog of the semester, I found that I wanted to write about a topic that (should) hit us all close to the heart: procrastination.  We are all guilty of it.  I, myself, postponed a final that was due Monday morning at 8, until Sunday night at 5.  How can we apply this to the working world?  This article writes about several steps that should help you eradicate procrastination. 

This first step is recognize the problem.  When you find yourself postponing a timely and relevant activity until another day, you are procrastinating.  Instead, you watch television, read a magazine, or go out with friends. Once you realize what you do to procrastinate, you can help eliminate the problem by preventing yourself from doing these activities that prevent you from accomplishing your task(s).  I really liked the third step, which states that you should refuse to accept false excuses.  “Oh I’ll just do it tomorrow.”  “It can wait until later.”  “That episode of Special Victims Unit is going to be on.”  All of these are just plain, old excuses.  They mask the true problem.  The article also ended with a powerful statement, “The path of a fearless job hunter is the path of a realistic optimist. Commitment, hard work and practicality pave the path.”  Do not let that episode, friend or video game prevent you from doing work.

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  1. jillianellwood permalink
    December 15, 2010 10:13 am

    I find it fitting that I would be commenting on procrastination, because it is clear that I left commenting on blogs until literally the last minute. Ideally I would like to kick this habit that has resulted in sleepless nights and papers that go almost directly from the printer to my professor. Sadly I don’t know if this is a habit that I can overcome. I have attempted but working under pressure is almost a motivator for me. After reading the tips I do believe that although I cannot quit cold turkey I will most likely be able to decrease the severity of it.

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